Best Usenet Trial Accounts for Free Usenet Access

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Best Usenet Trial Accounts for Free Usenet Access

We all know that Usenet is not free and we have to pay for getting access to this network. But there are various providers which offer trial accounts, so that users can test their service first before paying for it. We’ve gathered the best trial offers from Usenet market.

1. UseNext

UseNext is a winner in category Free Trial! With this Usenet provider you get 30 days of free access to Usenet network and a limit of 600 GB of data. The offer can be used by one person only once. Every customer will be able to download 50 GB of files with high-speed and the remaining traffic volume with limited speed of 2 Mbit/s. We know many Usenet providers, but UseNext offers surely the best trial option on the market. 

2. FirstLoad

With FirstLoad you get 14-day free Usenet access with 15 GB of high-speed download volume. After you reached the data limit, your speed will be limited to 2 Mbit/s and you will be able to download additional 300 GB of data. FirstLoad provides a free Newsreader with all modern features a client should have: integrated search, SSL, 1-click downloads, previews and much more. In our eyes, one of the best free offers on the market after UseNext.

3. Usenet.NL is a German Usenet provider that offers a 14-days trial account with free data limits: you can download 10 GB with high-speed and after another 300 GB with limited speed of 2 Mbit/s. Similar to FirstLoad, you get a free Newsreader software with many features. The trial users will be able to download files from five connected server farms with maximum 16 connections. The free volume should be really enough to test Usenet and download huge amount of music, movies, software and other stuff.

4. NewsHosting

NewsHosting is offering a 14-day free trial access to Usenet network and is limited to 30 GB of download volume. The trial account is available for new customers only and can be used only once per signing up person. All trial users can use the same account options as premium customers while the trial period. 

5. FastUsenet

FastUsenet offers a 14-day trial account that is limited to 15 GB of maximum traffic you can download. You can use all advantages as premium users: access to 100,000 newsgroups, 2065 days binary retention, US and EU servers, 24x7 customer support and free Newsreader software for easy search and download of files from Usenet.

6. EasyNews

Easynews offers a trial account that is based on 14 days of access or 10 GB downloaded traffic, what comes first. The option is possible only new customers and is limited to only one per customer.

7. Giganews

Giganews offers a trial account similar to EasyNews - 14 days of free access or a traffic limit of 10 GB. Trial users are not able to use the feature to post articles to Usenet. The free membership can used only once per customer. 

8. UsenetServer

If you decide to use UsenetServer as Usenet provider, then you can await 14 days of free trial access with limited 10 GB of traffic, whichever comes first. You’ll get SSL encryption and 10 connections to download files with full speed while trial period.

9. NewsDemon

With NewsDemon you can get 7 days of free Usenet access with a traffic limit of 15 GB. As trial user you’ll get unlimited download speed, 2071+ retention, 50 connections, 24/7 support and much more. The provider offers own Newsreader that can be used for free to download files from binary newsgroups.

10. Usenet.Net is a sister company of Giganews. The provider offers a trial of 5 days and volume download limit of 10 GB. The trial account can be used only once and provides full access to all features as a premium account: SSL encryption, unlimited download speed, 30 connections and much more.


Please consider that all Usenet providers listed above provide free trials with an option to bill a customer if he doesn’t cancel the free account. In other words, you will need to leave your credit card details or other payment method while signing up for trial account. As long as the trial period or traffic volume is not reached, you will not be billed. Once it happens the provider will change you for premium account. Please be careful about what you sign up for!


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