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51e55623c1ef4c85a45aaaf4b901440 c [16/28] "51e55623c1ef4c85a45aaaf4b901440 c.part1... 1 15.10 MB 35 minutes
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045443495f364b3c86451815677bfbb 9 [16/32] "045443495f364b3c86451815677bfbb 9.part1... 1 51.42 MB 43 minutes
419c4bffe0d4454eab53787b4492c28 1 [37/75] "419c4bffe0d4454eab53787b4492c28 1.part3... 1 15.12 MB 45 minutes
419c4bffe0d4454eab53787b4492c28 1 [10/75] "419c4bffe0d4454eab53787b4492c28 1.part0... 1 15.12 MB 45 minutes
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a23781b82f9249448a3075b69e531d8 f [25/62] "a23781b82f9249448a3075b69e531d8 f.part2... 1 51.39 MB 2 hours
c46c5eda632840a1a19a3f1b8849dd5 7 [29/129] "c46c5eda632840a1a19a3f1b8849dd5 7.part... 1 516.57 MB 2 hours
"8b207cfa4e417febdd3d648e61ba03 e7.par2" yEnc (1/1) 6 16.79 MB 2 hours
e4eb899daba4452c9da40af55cdcac6 b [34/68] "e4eb899daba4452c9da40af55cdcac6 b.part3... 1 11.34 MB 2 hours
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Usenet Providers With Highest Binary Data Retention
Posted by BiNZB on July 30, 2014
Usenet Providers With Highest Binary Data Retention
Everyone from us, who use Usenet and download files from this networks, knows that retention is one of the important indicator for the quality of Usenet access that provider can offer for the customer. Below we’ve gathered the leading retention providers. 1. Giganews Giganews is one of the most popular NNTP access providers that doesn’t need to be introduced. It’s not cheap, but being a customer you can benefit from powerful and professional access to usenet network with all required features. G...
SSL-News Summer Sale - 15% Discount Coupon
Posted by BiNZB on July 4, 2014
SSL-News Summer Sale - 15% Discount Coupon
SSL News is a provider that offers premium access to Usenet network. Following our tradition, we post discount coupon codes once we will be notified about newest offers. Some words about the provider: If you become a customer of SSL News then you can benefit from following features: - 1100+ days of retention for binary newsgroups - anonymous Usenet access to over 250,000 newsgroups through 256-bit SSL encryption - account sharing: you can share with your acc...
GetNZB World Cup 2014 Promotional 25% Discount
Posted by BiNZB on June 23, 2014
GetNZB World Cup 2014 Promotional 25% Discount
The haft of the Football World 2014 is over and we get more promotional discounts from different Usenet providers. The next discount will be offered by GetNZB Usenet access service. If you go through a sign up link below then you get 25% discount on all packages of this provider. Click Here to Sign Up With 25% Discount GetNZB is a binary Newsreader with integrated NNTP access. Becoming a customer of the service you can benefit from following features: 2109 days binary retention, 256-Bit SSL encryption...