10 Tools You Should Know If You Are Using Usenet Network

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10 Tools You Should Know If You Are Using Usenet Network

If you are using Usenet network to upload and download binaries then there are some tools you should know. The ten programs are required to fulfill different tasks with binary files.

1. WinRAR

WinRAR is the most popular program to create and unpack archive with files. If you wish to upload files into Usenet then it can be done only if they are compressed into RAR archive. The best way is to split the archive into several smaller parts as to post with one file. If you’ve downloaded files, then you require WinRAR to decompress the archive and extract files. WinRAR supports following compression formats: RAR, ZIP, CAB, ACE, TAR, Gzip, ISO, LZH, 7-Zip, 7z, UUE and Z.

2. QuickPar

QuickPar is a popular tool that many Usenet users already know - it’s used to reconstruct and fix damaged data files. If you’ve already noticed mostly all Usenet posts contain PAR2 files together with RAR archives. These Par2 archives are created by QuickPar and are needed to repair the archive if there are failures in RARs while decompressing. With QuickPar you can check the archive for errors and completion.

3. VLC Media Player

If you download much video files then you should have noticed that you will require many different codecs to be able to view video and audio. Instead of downloading of tons different codec packs for your media player, just install the VLC media software. It’s a simple but very powerful player that is able to view all types of video and audio files without a need to have a codec installed. The tool is able to play corrupted video files, when any other software will show error because some parts contain errors. 

4. JBinUp

JBinUp is a useful Usenet tool that is most used to upload files into binary newsgroups. The software has easy user interface, supports multiple news servers and connections together with SSL encryption, uploads files sequentially, checks headers for errors after uploading and much more. JBinUp uses yEnc encoding system to upload binaries and offers creation of NZB files. The tool is available in multiple languages and for Windows, Mac and Linux.

5. 7-Zip File Manager

7-Zip is an open source file archiver that was designed by Microsoft Windows. The tool extracts RAR and ZIP, creates own 7z archives, offers SSL encryption and much more. Almost all popular archive formats are supported - with 7-Zip you will get even better compression as with original archiver.

6. NZB Completion Checker

NZB Completion Checker allows to check the completion of newsgroup posts before downloading. This saves a lot of time and protects against downloading of unrepairable posts. NZBcc analyzes every single post and attached binary archives: it checks RARs and PAR2 files for errors, shows problems and all this before you even downloaded the files. The tool is very useful and provides easy navigation though different features - all you need is to choose an NZB file to start test.

7. PowerPost

PowerPost offers a simple tool to upload files into Usenet. If you have already created RAR and PAR2 files that should be posted then PowerPost will do the rest. All you need to do is to start the program, choose content files from your hard drive, decide into which newsgroup(s) you would like to post files and, as last step, click on post to upload binaries. You should configure your NNTP access first using a provider which one you will use to upload content. 

8. MacPAR Deluxe

MacPAR Deluxe is another one tool to handle the PAR2 files if you are a Mac user. The program makes creating, unpacking and repairing of archives possible. You will get the full overview of all parts of an archive and possible problems. 

9. Avast Antivirus

Antivirus is surely one of the most important things you should have installed on your PC if you download many files from Usenet network. There are many different software developers, who offer various antivirus programs. If you are not able to pay for a program then we can suggest the Avast Antivirus that costs nothing and is available for Windows and Mac operation systems. It will checks all incoming files and warn you if any virus is hidden inside an archive.

10. FSRaid

FSRaid is a PAR2 tool that will offer you a possibility to create PARs, to check the archives and repair them if some parts are missing. If the retention of posted binary expired, or because of communication problems, or the poster has forgot some parts of a file - in all these cases PAR2 files are needed to recover the archive. FSRaid will help you in this case.

There are surely more useful tools over there. You are welcome to comment and share good programs with other users!


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