DMCA Policy
Using Usenet network is not illegal!
We understand that it can contain infringing materials and we are ready to take immediate actions once such will be reported.

Please read carefully following statements before submitting DMCA request: We respect your Intellectual Property!

If you believe that any material posted on this site might infringe your copyrights as content owner, please use the form below to send us your DMCA request. We would need links to the Nzb page of files that should be excluded from our site. These links should look like /nzb-file-name-id.html. Please provide a proof of your rights as copyright holder.

Requests will be processed immediately, links will be added to blacklist and excluded from all pages of our site.
Please consider that the site is cached, so it can take some time till our system refreshes cache. It can take max. 48 hours.