Short Usenet Tutorial - How to start?
Usenet is the second popular P2P network after BitTorrent to share binary files online. Usenet network is divided into dozen of binary newsgroups where hundreds of terabytes of content will be uploaded daily. It can be music, movies, software, games, books, adult content, anime and much more. The main advantage of this art of P2P-network is that files are stored on various servers all over the world and not at computers of users. This provides a possibility to download files always with highspeed. The disadvantage is that there is a usenet provider required to get access to this network.

To start downloading from Usenet just follow following three steps:

STEP 1: Get Usenet Access

You need to get paid NNTP account that can be ordered at one of many existing usenet providers out there. Before you make your choise check following important requirements to a usenet provider:
Many Usenet providers offer free trial accounts - you can check the latest offers on NewsGroupReviews. If you are unsure which provider to choose then you can get nice full reviews on UsenetReviewz.

STEP 2: Searching for files

Searching for content on Usenet was never easier: you can use our search engine to find Nzb files. Just start a new search or browse binary newsgroups separately. Once you've found Nzb file you wish to download click on it and save it to your PC. Once it's done continue with the next step.

STEP 3: Downloading files

This step is surely the important one: you require a software (called Newsreader) that can be used to download files. The majority of Usenet providers offer their own software with already integrated paid access. In this way there is nothing to do from your side.
The alternative is to use your favorite newsgroup download tool. Here are some examples: You have to configure the software first before you can start downloading. If you are unsure how to do this or wish to get more examples visit the list of best Newsreaders. Once all steps are completed files will be transfered to your PC and you can view them.