Best 5 Usenet Providers with Highest Binary Retention

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Best 5 Usenet Providers with Highest Binary Retention

The retention of binary data is one of the most important indicators of the quality of Usenet access you can get from a provider. The main rule is: the higher the retention in days, the greater the probability that download will be successful. Below is a list of Usenet services that offer the highest retention on the market.

1. Giganews

Giganews is the leader on the market what concerns the retention value. The provider offers a 2129 days retention for binary data and 3999 days for text newsgroups. The maid advantage of Giganews is own server infrastructure with machines all over the world. If you wish to get quality then it’s the right choise for you. The provider is not cheap - you will get first three months of unlimited access for $14.99 monthly and after you will be billed with $29.99 per month.

2. Newshosting

Newshosting is the main competitor of Giganews on the market. This Usenet provider advertise with 2119 days retention for the binary newsgroups. The server farms are located in Europe and USA.

3. UsenetServer

Usenetserver is a Usenet reseller and sister company of Newshosting. The provider offers the same retention of 2119 days for binary data. 

4. Eweka

Eweka belongs to UNS holding, to the same company as Newshosting and Usenetserver. This Usenet reseller offers 2215 days of binary retention.

5. GetNZB

GetNZB is rather new on the market, the provider exists since about two years. It was not clear which retention they offer, till last month. GetNZB is a newsreader with integrated NNTP access and seems to be a reseller of several backend providers. The retention is 2109 days, so I decided to take them to the list.

The five Usenet access providers mentioned above belong to the premium market segment of most powerful Usenet services. I’m sure that you will be able to make the best choise if you decide for one of them.


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