BiNZB Update: New Preview Feature for Verified NZB Binaries

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BiNZB Update: New Preview Feature for Verified NZB Binaries

Today we launched a new feature - you will be able to get preview of files inside the archives if the NZB binary is verified. The preview window is integrated on NZB pages and looks like below:

Because it’s not possible for us to download content of 11 million NZBs and create screenshots or previews, we’ve integrated informers of external Usenet browser UsenetHub. UsenetHub is a service that downloads binary collections from Usenet, verifies each file, creates screenshots/previews and publishes the content on the site. In other words, all NZBs available there are verified. 

UsenetHub indexed about 7 million images and 10,000 videos. The developers were so kind to provide us with the API, so that we can request a check and, if we have the same NZB in our database, import previews and screenshots from UsenetHub. If you clicks on video or image then you will be redirected to UsenetHub’s website with free previews. Especially the adult area is huge.

We would like to thank UsenetHub for cooperation and hope that our visitors will find this feature useful for their needs! 


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