Limited Offer: 25% Discount on All Packages at SSL-News

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Limited Offer: 25% Discount on All Packages at SSL-News

SSL News is a provider that offers premium access to Usenet network. Following our tradition, we post discount coupon codes once we will be notified about newest offers.

Some words about the provider:

If you become a customer of SSL News then you can benefit from following features:

- 1100+ days of retention for binary newsgroups

- anonymous Usenet access to over 250,000 newsgroups through 256-bit SSL encryption

- account sharing: you can share with your account with friends and use the access from different locations and IP addresses at the same time. This will save your money.

- the provider offers unlimited Usenet speed so that you get the maximum performance from your membership

- privacy protection: SSL News underlines that not any private information like IP address or any other download protocols will be shared with third-parties

The Usenet packages are divided into Flatrate and Block account. If you download much then flatrate premium account is the right choise for you: choose your download speed between 5 and 150 Mbit/s. If you just wish to download some files from Usenet network then you can think about saving money through ordering of a block account: you have a choise between blocks from 4 GB up to 1,000 GB of traffic volume.

And the main thing: you can get 25% one-time discount on all packages if you use following coupon code: Pfingsten2014

Please consider that the offer is limited, so if you really wish to get the discount then I would hurry up.


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