Popular Usenet Newsreader Alt.Binz - New Version 0.39.5 Released

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Popular Usenet Newsreader Alt.Binz - New Version 0.39.5 Released

Alt.Binz is a powerful Newsreader for downloading of files from binary newsgroups of Usenet network. With the software you will be able to download binaries, check the archives for errors, validate PAR2 recovery blocks, unpack the archives and much more.

The application provides search option for binary files and browsing of groups through integrated Usenet search engines. Here are additional features that will be offered by Alt.Binz:

Support for various Usenet search engines

  • Built-in indexers are NewsLeech, Binsearch, beta.binaries.nl, NZBIndex, Yabse, Super Search and TvNZB

RAR & PAR archive management

  • the function of auto-archive-management will be able to unpack the archives automatically after successful download. If one of the archives is corrupted the Newsreader will try to get PAR2 files to restore the original file.

Full support for NZB files

  • Alt.Binz provides a possibility to import any NZB file of your choise and to start its downloading.

Download manager

  • With the software you will be able to manage all your files in download queue and define the speed for every single NZB in the list. 

Multi-server support

  • The Newsreader can be configured for connection with several Usenet servers at the same time. This will help you to get better completion and retention through using of several Usenet NNTP providers.

Logs and reporting section

  • The client provides detailed logs of started and finished downloads. Also you are able to collapse and expand the batches of files you are downloading.

User interface and operation system

  • Alt.Binz was created for Windows or is now available for Linux machine. The interface has a simple and intuitive structure - you can even define the tabs and show/hide or add/remove several tabs from the navigation panel.

Alt.Binz is a well-done software to download binaries from Usenet. The new version was downloaded about 400,000 times, what makes the Newsreader to a popular application among all Usenet fans. The client offers nice performance, easy design, powerful options and features, active forum and regularly updates. And all these is for free - the Alt.Binz is freeware! If you like the program, then I think that developers would be thankful for a small donation from your side.


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