Top 5 VPN Services That Take Privacy Seriously

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Top 5 VPN Services That Take Privacy Seriously

If you use Usenet, Bittorrent or any other P2P network for file-sharing, you require to use a VPN secured connection. Only in this way you can stay anonymously and protect your connection against monitoring. Today, there are dozen of different VPN providers on the market - not all are good and take their job seriously. We’ve created a short list of best VPN services, where we are sure that according to their policies you are safe.

In last years many things happened where Internet Service Providers, Copyright Holder and other organizations started to monitor users and their online behavior. Many fake torrent and Nzb files were uploaded to catch the downloaders after. To prevent your IP address from being visible to the rest of the Internet, we advice you to sign up for one of the listed VPN services. 

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is a US-based VPN provider that provides professional secure service. The provider claims that they never log, monitor or track their customers, under no circumstances. As long as VPN provider doesn’t hold any traffic or session data, there is nothing it can provide to third-party requests. PIA seems to keep their word. Once abuse will be received, the IP address will be block and customer stay undercover.


BTGuard is another one popular VPN provider located in Canada. Payments can be done through PayPal and Bitcoin (100% safe payment method!). The provider underlines that they never save any user related data like IP address, location, visited sites and traffic data. The provider doesn’t host any content on their servers, so that all takedown notices can not be fulfilled. BTGuard can be used for all types of Internet traffic: Bittorrent, Usenet and other P2P networks. The established connection between you and internet servers will be encrypted using 256-Bit AES technology. In this way it’s not possible to track the data. 


TorGuard is another one VPN provider that is registered on a company located in St. Kitts and Nevis, the offshore island. The main office is located in the US. The company offers VPN access in more than 23 countries and is one of our Top 5 providers. TorGuard claims not to store real IP addresses of the customers, not to log the connections and not to record any traffic data. It’s almost impossible to track back a user because the VPN servers share the same IP configuration - it means that it can be possible that hundreds of users sharing the same IP at any given moment. Also if any data will be stored, this information would be impossible to order to any single user. This is how majority of VPN providers work. 

The service offered by TorGuard is very stable. The company infrastructure is so designed that the team uses commercial monitoring software with custom scripts to monitor the live status of all servers and their load - problems can be discovered and fixed faster. All connections will be fulfilled using AES256 encryption. TorGuard offers “Stealth” VPN connections in the Netherlands, UK and Canada - the possibility to overcome the most strict corporate wifi networks or government regulated ISPs.

Accounts can paid through PayPal, OKPay, Bitcoin and all forms of credit and debit cards.

Privacy is another one good VPN provider who makes a good job from Australia. All DMCA requests will be ignored because the provider doesn’t collect any user related data. The accounts can be paid only by PayPal. offers 128-Bit for PPTP and 256-Bit for OpenVPN.


The company, that stays behind the VPN provider IVPN, is located in Malta. Similar to the already listed providers, IVPN takes the privacy of their customers seriously: no logs, no monitoring of traffic, no sessions, no temporary saving! A tool, called PSAD, will be used to protect the servers against attacks from customers on the network. 

IVPN supports all types of traffic and can be used on all servers except some gateways in the USA. It’s not clear about the reason, but if you come from USA then please choose any other VPN provider to be 100% sure that it works. 

Payments can be made by Bitcoin, Cash and Paypal. 


Generally all five mentioned VPN providers offer a serious service and you can feel safe using them. Me personally, would never pay for a VPN provider using PayPal or personal credit and debit card - I would always pay using Bitcoin. In this way, also if the VPN provider will be forced to provide your details, they would not have any details about your person.


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