Usenet Providers With Highest Binary Data Retention

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Usenet Providers With Highest Binary Data Retention

Everyone from us, who use Usenet and download files from this networks, knows that retention is one of the important indicator for the quality of Usenet access that provider can offer for the customer. Below we’ve gathered the leading retention providers.

1. Giganews

Giganews is one of the most popular NNTP access providers that doesn’t need to be introduced. It’s not cheap, but being a customer you can benefit from powerful and professional access to usenet network with all required features. Giganews provides a retention of 2,185 days for binary and 4055 days for text newsgroups. The company offers best support, Usenet browser, SSL encryption, access to own servers located all over the world and much more.

2. Newshosting

Newshosting is the main competitor of Giganews on the market of Usenet providing. The company offers 2,175 days of binary retention and provides NNTP access to more than 100,000 uncensored newsgroups with 99% completion rate. Newshosting is a little cheaper as the Giganews but you get almost the same quality. The provider gives each customer own browser to be able to view newsgroups from Usenet and download binaries from it.

3. Astraweb

Astraweb is the third leader on the market with own server infrastructure. This provider is also very popular among people who love Usenet and use it to download files. Astraweb offers 2,174 days retention, 99% completion, maximal amount of 20 connections, server farms in US and Europe, SSL encryption and much more. The best advantage of this provider is the price - you can get unlimited DSL access for just $15 per month or using the special offer and get 60 days of access for $15.

4. GetNZB

I find many people in internet who speak about GetNZB provider more and more. I’m not sure if GetNZB owns a server data center or just resell, but they offer a retention of 2109 days for binary data. Seems to be that this provider is a reseller for many backend companies and affiliates with the best completion you can get. The main market advantage is own Newsreader with already integrated NNTP access. It’s not possible to use external provider with the Newsreader, but with GetNZB you get all-in-one package with all necessary features. Being a customer you can download with a speed up to 30 Mbit/s, get your privacy secured through 256-Bit encryption, benefit from good prices and much more.

Please consider that it was not our goal to list all providers with high retention. We just took the biggest backend companies and have not listed their resellers. If you choose one of these provider then we can guarantee that you’ll get the best Usenet experience. 


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