UsenetBucket World Cup 2014 Promotional 15% Discount

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UsenetBucket World Cup 2014 Promotional 15% Discount

UsenetBucket is a popular Usenet access provider from a premium market segment. If you decide to sign up for an account now then you can get 15% discount on all packages as long World Football Cup 2014 is running. 

With UsenetBucket you have a choise between three types of buckets: Basic, Comfort and Ultimate. All offered plans include SSL encryption, 1100 days of data retention and provide unlimited traffic volume. 

The Basic package is limited to 10 Mbit/s download speed through 25 simultaneous connections and is perfect for users who do not download much from Usenet. The 30-days account can be ordered for €2,95 per month.

The Comfort package includes all features of UsenetBucket access, but has a raised download speed - you will be able to download up to 40 Mbit/s using 25 connections. The monthly plan costs €4,95.

The Ultimate package is designed for users who would like much content from Usenet network and this with high-speed. The bucket offers a speed of 400 Mbit/s using 50 simultaneous connections. The package costs €12,95 per month.

UsenetBucket provides powerful Usenet access with a high performance so we can recommend this provider. 


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