Best Rated and Most Popular Binary Newsreaders for Usenet Newsgroups

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Best Rated and Most Popular Binary Newsreaders for Usenet Newsgroups

If you are new to Usenet and not sure which Newsreader is the best for you, then check out our list of most popular and best rated clients. The list below contains Top 5 free and commercial software, many of them provide unique features.

To choose a good Usenet client is as much important as to choose the best Usenet provider. The software should be easy to use, provide all useful features to manage the binaries, have a nice design and work without bugs. This was our main goal while testing of different newsreaders from the list.

1. SabNZBd

SabNZBd is surely one of the most popular newsreaders, that was created to download binaries from Usenet network. The software is based on Python and you will need some time to get used to it. SabNZBd is not a Usenet access provider and is not a NZB search engine - it means that you require two additional things to get started: a NNTP-access from a Usenet provider and a search site (like us :-)) to find NZB files. In other words, SabNZBd is a classical newsreader. The software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and is absolutely free because of open source philosophy.

The client supports Usenet search through integrated third-party search engines like NZBMatrix,, Binsearch and some more. It’s possible to define multiple servers for downloading with a support of SSL encryption. SabNZBd works with RSS feeds to get latest updates for posted binary articles, can unpack and repair archives with help of PAR2 files. The client has a very well-structured and user-friendly web interface. You have a choise between six localizations and multiple skins.

The main advantage of the client is the choise of available features. The disadvantage is that you would require a little time to discover all options and the way how they work.

2. Newsbin

Newsbin is another one popular newsreader for downloading of binary files from Usenet network. The client has more user-friendlier interface as SabNZBd, so it’s perfect for experienced users as also for Usenet beginners. Newsbin provides multiple servers support, SSL encryption, 100 percent compatibility with almost all Usenet providers, integrated Usenet search feature and excellent software support - all these features make the software to the one of the best clients on the market. 

The Newsbin newsreader is not free: after 10 days of free trial you can order a yearly license for $30 as one-time payment. On the one hand, many users report this fact as disadvantage: the main argument is that it’s too much to pay for Usenet access and for newsreader additionally. On the other hand, the developers spend time on making a good client, provide good support and fix reported bugs - these costs have to be covered and $30 per year is something that a user can effort to pay for a good software.

3. Newsleecher

The developers of Newsleecher decided to create an all-in-one Usenet access solution in form of a newsreader with integrated NNTP account. The newsreader gathered strong user database in last years by offering a good service for low money.

Newsleecher, as Usenet reseller, provides access to binary newsgroups without download and speed limits. The provider has servers in Europe and US to minimize the distance between their servers and a customer. All traffic will be forwarded through 256-Bit SSL encryption. Newsleecher affiliates with 2075 days retention. We could not confirm it, so let’s just believe it.

Newsleecher, as newsreader software, makes Usenet search simple: the client allows to search all binary newsgroups for files at once and start download of the content by choosing of a Nzb file. 

The software is not free. You can get the client together with unlimited NNTP account for reduced price of $8.49 monthly.

4. Unison

Unison is another one powerful newsreader with a possibility to get Usenet access directly from the application. The client is created for Mac users only and satisfies with it’s features. The search through dozen of binary newsgroups is very simple and will be fulfilled by integrated own search engine. With just few clicks you can navigate through hundreds of posts, sort them by needed parameters and check the content inside the binary attachment. You can see inside an archive to see which files it contains: images, videos, music or other file types. Unison has various useful built-in tools: RAR unpacking service, PAR2 repair feature, folder manager and much more. The software has very simple and powerful interface with understandable structure. 

You can order the newsreader client for $29 as one-time fee. Please consider that there will be a NNTP account required to be ordered separately. Without NNTP you will not be able to download files.

5. GetNZB

GetNZB works in the similar way as Newsleecher - it’s a newsreader with already integrated NNTP access. The all-in-one Usenet client makes downloading from Usenet simple, without any need to configure a software.

GetNZB, as we described in our article about the resellers and back-end providers, is a reseller for Giganews, Xentech, Xennanews and Highwinds. In other words, you have access to the most powerful back-end Usenet farms if you are a user of GetNZB. The main advantage is that once you request a download, the software connects with all servers and downloads from different locations. Especially if you download DMCA abused files such solution works fine.

The provider offers different plans, starting from $5.95 for 3 days of access to $97.75 for a yearly membership. The maximum download speed will be limited to 30 Mbit per second, the traffic is not limited. All plans include SSL encryption.

GetNZB, as newsreader, is a program that has a very simple interface: the most popular search engines are integrated into the client - you search for a file, click on download and it will be transferred to your hard drive. The software is available for Windows only, it has multi-lingual interface with a support of four languages: German, English, Russian and Spain. The newsreader downloads files, unpacks archives and can repair the RAR if it’s corrupted and PAR2 files are available. 

The advantage of GetNZB is the easy way of using the software. The disadvantage is that you can not use the client with external NNTP access - you have to use and pay for GetNZB premium as all-in-one solution.


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