Giganews Review - The Powerful Usenet Access

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Giganews Review - The Powerful Usenet Access

Giganews provides Usenet access since 1994 and belongs to the most popular and powerful Usenet back-end providers our there. For over 15 years, Giganews satisfies thousands of customers offering high quality Usenet infrastructure. Read our review for the service you get once you subscribe with Giganews company.


Giganews was always the leader what concerns the retention of files posted to Usenet. Today the company offers 2072 days retention for binary newsgroups and 3942 days for text groups. Every single file is available in multiple article copies to provide 100% completion. The powerful data center provides full speed across entire binaries. There is no any single provider that would offer similar technology.


The main advantage of Giganews is worldwide server network. Many providers run only several servers in some countries, Giganews spreads the server network to most European, North American and Asian countries. It doesn’t matter from which part of the world you request a download - the server will be located in your nearness to provide the best possible download speed.

Many providers are just resellers for big Usenet farms. Giganews owns self-build server network, support department and development team to create powerful add-ons and useful tools.

In last 10 years of work there were no maintenance outages or downtime reposted by users somewhere in internet blogs or forums. This increase the image of Giganews as one of the most reliable Usenet service.

Download speed

The speed is not limited by Giganews, so that you will be able to get the maximum speed depending on your bandwidth connection provided by your ISP. It don’t matter if you have a 10 Mbit or 1000 Mbit connection, you will be able to use it full. And if you are a customer of Giganews then you will get 100% affiliated unlimited downloads.


Quality costs money, so that Giganews is surely not cheap. You can choose between limited and unlimited Usenet plans. There are two unlimited plans available: 20 connections for $19.99/mo and 50 connections for $14.99/mo (for the first three months, after billed with $29.99 per month). If you would like to download just some files from Usenet then you have a possibility to take limited plans that are cheaper: you can pay $4.99 for 5 GB, $9.99 for 10 GB or $14.99 for 50 GB. The prices are also monthly  and not used GBs will not be transferred to the next month.


Giganews offers several Usenet tools that can be used for free if you are a customer.

  • The Mimo Usenet Browser provides easy and convenient search through all newsgroups.
  • Dump Truck Online Storage can be used to transfer your files to an online server to keep it safe. Every customer gets limited storage volume that can be upgraded to more GBs for additional price.
  • VyprVPN Service offers easy and powerful VPN that protects your privacy and makes a connection between your computer and internet invisible. Also your ISP can not track back what you search or download. This is very useful feature for all Usenet friends who use this network to download copyright protected files. You can also use any external VPN provider to protect yourself.
  • Giganews Accelerator is a proxy software that will allow you to compress headers and enable 256-Bit SSL encryption. In this way you will optimize your connection and stay anonymously while downloading from Usenet.
  • Giganews Control Panel App is created to provide better account experience for registered customers. The App is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. With it you will be able to manage all your account settings, use VyprVPN under remote access, get news from Giganews blog etc.


Giganews is not a cheap Usenet provider, but it offers high quality Usenet experience. As paid customer you’ll get highest retention on the market, fastest speed, 24 hours support and some useful tools for free. If you use Usenet network daily to download tons of files then Giganews is the right place for you.  


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