The Unique Tool to Download Files From Usenet Online without Additional Software

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The Unique Tool to Download Files From Usenet Online without Additional Software

We’ve discovered today a tool named NZBLord - easy online service to download real content from Usenet network through Nzb file. Let’s go though all features of this Nzb downloader.

How it works

NZBLord offers a possibility to start downloading from Usenet, if you provide an Nzb file of the content you would like to be transfered. Under „New Task“ there are three possibilities to import .nzb files: it’s possible to choose the NZB from your computer, to import the text content of the file into „NZB Content“ field or to enter a URL address to the file. Once it’s done, NZBLord connects, through integrated NNTP access, with various Usenet servers all over the world and download starts. 

Before you will be able to load content, there is a free registration required. The trial account is limited to a small amount of 100 MB per one-time usage. To get full advantages of the tool you have to order a Premium account. 

Main features

The main advantage of NZBLord is that it’s fully automated and simple online tool that doesn’t need to be configured. It’s perfect for users, who are new to Usenet and wish to download some files in fast and easy way without spending time on configuration. Using NZBLord doesn't require additional software: you don’t need to search for a Usenet newsreader or pay additional fees for NNTP account. As all-in-one solution NZBLord combines a downloader and Usenet access in one application.

Another advantage is that you are not bound to any place, computer or operation system - you are able to use NZBLord on all machines from every part of the world (very useful if you travel much).

Very useful option is the notification option, if the requested Nzb file is password protected, contains virus or has some parts missing. Notifications will be shown on download pages after NZBLord prepared a Nzb file for download. This way of working will help to stay safe while downloading from Usenet. The screenshot below shows a notification that the requested archive misses some volumes - if you download it then you will not be able to extract the archive into complete file!

NZBLord is already integrated into some Usenet search engines like FindNZB and NZBFriends to provide direct downloading of files without need to download Nzbs to your PC first and import them after into the site manually. Of course it’s possible to use any indexer you like, the best way is to use our search engine :-)

As Premium user you enjoy SSL encryption that can be enabled and disabled from the account settings menu.


NZBlord offers five different plans that differ from each other by allowed download speed. With the smallest 3-days account you can get 1 Mbit/s, the 30-days membership will bring you max. 10 Mbit/s, 60-days provides 12 Mbit/s, 90-day and 360-day plans limit the maximum speed to 15 Mbit per second.

During tests we’ve noticed that download speed depends much on day time: in the evening hours the speed is slower as in the morning hours, seems to be an issue with the amount of users requesting downloads at the same time. Generally we can say that with a Newsreader and separate NNTP account you can reach much higher download speed. Maybe you’ve read our review for Astraweb or Giganews, where provided download speed is much higher. On the other hand, it’s relative logical that online tool will not be able to provide the same speed as installed Usenet client.

Advice: Using a download manager, that is able to download several parts of the file at the same time, can speed up the download. With a download manager we could reach nice speed on NZBLord.

Online interface

The design is very simple and provides nice download experience. In the top navigation bar you’ll find your account information (with expiration date if you are a Premium user). The tabs provide a simple overview over the main site’s functions: „How It Works“ gives some short explanation about the way of working, on „My Download“ you can manage your download lists and files, under „New Task“ you request a new download, prices and plans can be found on „Premium Access“ tab.

After NZBLord prepared a download, you will get detailed information about real content that is located inside requested Nzb file. You will be notified, if the archive contains viruses, is password protected or contains missed volumes. This provides user-friendly usability and makes downloading through NZBLord safe!

The download starts through integrated browser downloader or through a download manager, if you use one.


NZBlord offers different plans to cover user’s needs. You can choose between 3-day access for $3.95, 30-days for $14.95, 60-days for $25.95, 90-days for $38.85 and a year membership for $98.75. In other words, with a higher plan you can get access to Usenet binaries for $8.2 per month. In Internet there a lot of discount coupons for NZBlord available. Using 20-30% coupon code will reduce your price, so that the possibility to download files from Usenet for about $5 per month is something that users should try.

Pricing plans for NZBLord Online Downloader

Please consider that SSL encryption is available only for up 60-days memberships. The shorter plans provide non-secured download.


If you are experienced Usenet user and download tons of content daily then NZBLord is not what you are searching for. In this case it’s better for you to configure your Newsreader with NNTP account and enjoy the maximum speed you can get with your bandwidth. 

If you are new to Usenet (read our Usenet Tutorial first), never worked with this network or don't know how to use it, then NZBLord is a perfect solution. The tool is simple, provides well-structured interface, all steps are easy to follow and you can reach good download speed ordering a higher plan.


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